On my quest toward fitness, I’ve noticed I’m the biggest stumbling block.  I’ve put on a good portion of the weight I lost.   Gain weight, lose weight, gain it back.  I’ve a bad habit of reaching a goal, then resting.  So, today we’re starting again.   Part of it is that I assume I’ll slack off eventually, that I accept that making poor decisions will be part of the process.   It’s not that I can rationalize it.  My ego says, “You deserve this,” or “We can start back tomorrow.”  Worse than rationalization is saying it’s bad, but somehow entitled to another buffett or ham sammich.

Helping A Friend

Saturday I get to meet up with a friend from high school.  We’ll just call her J.  You should be able to figure it out if you know me.  J. has ventured into the realm of blogging and dug into it in a veryt DIY way.  Kudos.   She set up a host account installed WordPress, but needs help running the software.  She’s got the hard part done and now is onto the fun part.

The irony here is that she’s about to do more with her site than I am with mine. lol.

My plan: develop a list of online resources, demonstrate what she has available, turn her loose on the blogosphere.